F.I.M. Group is one of the leading direct selling companies. Founded by Mr. Sunil Singh Bhadauria , F.I.M. Group operates in all over India. The company is registered under company act 1956 by the Corporate Identity Number (CIN- U70102 UP 2011 PLC 044850). Today the company enjoys a strong presence in Utter Pradesh and made its position as one of the largest companies in the direct selling companies with project all over India. The company having its registered office in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is now one of the fastest growing companies and has posted more than 200% growth during last years in terms of revenue and also new avenue

If you are a positive thinking professional who wants to stretch his ability through continuous improvements and life-long learning. Here is the right place F.I.M. Group is confident to be among the front runners in the realty sectors in India.

We are one of the leading organizations in the direct selling business having presence in all over India and having lots of professional business owners. We offer high quality products in the areas of Nutrition Wellness, Personal Care, Real Estate and Sandal Wood Plant.

We are committed for integrity, timely, execution, innovative technology up gradates, brand equity, commitment value addition all through for all over projects.

The company is managed by highly qualified professional who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality construction, timely delivery and customer satisfaction, Business Owners and Employees all over India. We have embarked on a new journey of growth.

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  2. 2. The best leaders lead by demonstrating how it is done.
  3. 3. Happiness is the harmony of body, mind & spirit. Happiness is man’s harmonious relation with his environment. The happiest is he who find inner peace & who promotes the happiness of the others.